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Hall Facilities and Specifications

The proscenium rises 30 feet and measures 36 feet from edge to edge – its arch, like the opera boxes, is finished with ornate plasterwork and glittering gold leaf. The stage floor, constructed with the resilience essential to dance performances, measures 35 feet from proscenium arch to back wall. A fixed orchestra pit is located 8 feet below stage level. In addition, an orchestra pit filler is available which will increase seating to 1,050. The loading dock with double load-in doors accommodates traveling shows or large scale video production equipment.

The performers’ quarters accommodate up to 32 people and provide a showers, a green room, and a catering/rehearsal space.

Schematic Diagrams – Stage DimensionsStage Rigging and Curtains
Stage Lighting EquipmentGeneral InformationAudio Systems

Lighting and Stage Set-up

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Technical Specifications (pdf)
174 KB

Lighting Information Pack (pdf)
775 KB

Schematic Diagrams
Click for a large view

Street Level View
Cross Section View
Light Plot

Download Drawings
Click the links below to download drawing files
(You will need a free copy of AutoCAD Viewer installed on you computer to read DWG files.)

Light Plot – DWGDXFWYG

Theater Ground Plan – DWGDXF

Theater Section – DWGDXF

Stage Dimensions
Proscenium width: 36′
31’6″ curtain opening
Proscenium height:
25′ to permanent soft teaser
30′ to plaster
Distance from Proscenium Wall:
to back wall: 35′
to last line set: 29’3″
Distance from back wall to downstage edge: 36’6″
Distance from centerline
to stage left wall(flyrail bumper): 29′
to stage right wall: 31’6″‘
Height of grid: 64′
Gallery floors(fly) Stage left and right: 36′
Orchestra Pit (fixed-no lift):
7’6″ below stage level(Deep]
15′ on CL x 32’ wall to organ
Pit extends back under stage 7’6″ from edge of stage at centerline
Orchestra Pit Filler-May be used at house floor or stage level Theater seating is increased by 32 seats with filler at floor level.

Stage floor is resilient-suitable for dance
Stage floor has Trap on centerline: 28’2″ from stage Apron
Dimensions: 38″x82″
CM 1/2 ton chain hoist from grid
over trap to lower equipment
to basement

Stage Rigging and Curtains
1 House Curtain rigged to fly or travel
-live end stage left
32 4-line J-bar counterweight sets-
rail located stage left
Pipe length is 44 feet
5 Pair black velour legs sewn flat
3 pair-12’x30′
2 pair-15’x30′
1 Black velour full stage back drop 30’x40′
10% fullness with centerline split
1 Sharktooth Scrims
Black 30’x44′
1 Cycloramas
Garriet’s plastic bounce 32’x44′

Projection Equipment
1 Barco RLSS W-12 Projector – 12k Lumens
1 Eiki LC-X50M Projector – 4500 Lumens
1 Analog Way Saphyr XPS 450 Seamless Switcher
1 Mac Pro with Media Server Software
1 Projection Screen(front)-Image area 11’6″x15’7″
1 Projection Screen(front)-Image area 16’0″x32’0″

Stage Lighting Equipment
Two CD 80 Racks with AMX 192 Protocol
156 2.4K dimmers (Strand CD 80)
4 2.4K non-dims(Strand CD 80)
12 6.0K dimmers(Strand CD 80)
156 20 amp hardwired circuits 1-156
18 50 amp hardwired circuits 157-174
Circuits 1-68 and 147-170 are front of house
circuits that can also be used back stage via a
Transfer panel located down stage right.
This panel can also be used to connect road
boards to FOH circuits
Company switch located down stage right:
400 amp 240 volt 3 phase disconnect
Lighting Control:
ETC Congo lighting console
3072 control channels, 40 multipurpose masters, 40 direct selects,
Control and programming for automated fixtures
2 DMX Universes
Gray Interface DMX to AMX ultimate converter

Lighting Fixtures:
4 ETC Source 4 zooms; 575 w
20 ETC Source 4 10° 575 w
18 Strand SL 19° 575 w
8 Strand SL 26° 575 w
4 Strand SL 50° 575 w
2 Strand SL 10° 575 w
1 Strand SL 5 ° 575 w
4 Strand SL 15/32° Zoom 575 w
1 Strand SL 23/50° Zoom 575 w
26 6×16 575 w
1 6×16 575 w Iris unit
19 6×16 575 w
9 6×12 575 w
50 6×12 575 w
38 6×9 750 w
120 Source4 Par 575 w
Have extra lens to swap out: WFL’s, NSP’s, VNSP’s
32 Par 64 1Kw
Have extra bottles to swap out: WFL’s, NSP’s, VNSP’s
6 6″ Fresnels 500w
4 R40 Cans 300w floods
10 Colortran 4 cell Cyc striplight(ground row) 1Kw
12 CCT “Minuette” 3 cell cyc striplights 500w
4 CCT “Minuette” single cyc lights 500w
12 Strand “Ianiro Iris” 2 cell Far Cycs 1Kw
16 Blizzard RokBox 5 RGBAW LED wash fixtures
8 Blizzard Stiletto Z6 Moving head wash fixture
2 Lyceum 1267 Super Arc 400 Follow Spot
8 50# Bases with a variety of pipe lengths
53 Side Arms
6 10′ Triangular Truss Section
Three sections are used for upstage for cyc lights
8 4-Rung Ladders
Cable, two-fers, and mults to facilitate most productions

General Information
Loading door is upstage left of centerline
10′ wide x 8’6″ high
(Small items can be loaded-in through front
Atrium/Stagedoor on House left/stage right)

3 Dressing rooms with 2 make-up stations
[1A, 2A, 3A]

2 Dressing rooms with 6 make-up stations
[2B, 3B]

3 Showers located on Level 4(can be used as dressing rooms if needed)

Toilet facilities located on Lower level
Greenroom and Rehearsal room located on Lower level
Rehearsal room has 2 make-up stations. This room can be used for chorus dressing room, catering, production offices.

Theater has 4 control Areas/rooms:
Lighting/Broadcast/Audio(main floor control room):
Control is a ETC Congo console. Other control locations for lighting are Main Floor Center in house Stage right or left at SM console. This control room has Audio & Video tie lines. It has mic/tie lines to various locations in building(i.e., loading dock) and to First Avenue for broadcast and/or Multi-track recordings
Patching is through TT Jackfield Also has space for audio, video control and projection equipment as needed. Projection distance to Bijou screen
63’8″ min to 65’8″ max

Followspot Booth(located in ceiling):
2-Lyceum 1267 Super Arc 400 Spot
Has audio/video tie lines

House Sound Reinforcement(located at front
of 1st balcony house right):
Has a duplicate TT Jackfield of Main
control room. Has video tie line

Stage Manager Console(downstage right):
Has time clock, countdown clock, Clear-Com master station, page, chimes, Shure mixer, audio/video tie lines, AM/FM Tuner, Sony CD Player
This console can be remoted to stage left

Video: HD-SDI coaxial cables with BNC connectors are available
at all Control Areas, stage right & left,
upstage right, upstage center by dock cable conduits, greenroom, rehearsal room

Power Available 240 VAC:
400 amp 3 phase Company switch stage right
200 amp 3 phase switch located on loading dock ` for Production Trucks
Two 400 amp 3 phase switches on fly floors(5th) on stage right. These are available only if not using Stage dimming system(CD-80 Racks)

Camera Kill Seats:
3 on Main floor
[Center-Rows “M & N” Seats 8,9,10,11,12,13″]
[Right-Rows “M & N” Seats “1,2”]
[C, R, L-Row “G” for tracking camera]
1st Balcony
[Right-Rows “AA & BB” Seats “1,2,3,4”]

Sound Kill Seats:
Center Section, Row [M & N” seats”8,9,10,11,12,13]
This creates a space of 6’x10′

4″ cable conduits from backstage to 1st & 2nd balconies
on stage left and right
6″ & 8″ cable conduits to stage from loading dock

5- 4′ x 8′ x 24″
3- 4′ x 8′ x 16″
3- 4′ x 8′ x 8″
2- 3′ x 6′ x 16″
2- 4′ x 6’x 24″
2- 4′ x 6’x 16″
2- 4′ x 6’x 8″
2- 4′ x 8’x 30″ to 4′
2 sets of pies, trapezoids to do corners & bends

Choral Risers: 5- three step units
Orchestra Chairs: 71
Black Stacking Chairs 60
Music Stands-: 43

One 24′ Genie Personal Lift [battery]

CM 1/2 Ton Motor w/Bag;
Inverted with 60′ chain with Control/Power Cable

CM 1/2 Ton Motor w/Bag Double purchase
used over trap to lower equipment to basement

Audio Systems

House Mixing Console: Avid Venue Mix Rack System
48 Patchable Input Channels
16 Patchable Output Channels
Full Protools Plug-In Capability
32 Channels of Protools Recording and Playback

Support Equipment:
1 Sony CDP D-12 CD Player
1 TC Electronic M-300 Multi-Effects Unit
1 White 1/3 Octive Analyzer

House Sound System: EAW 650 Flown Stereo System with Delayed Fills
1 DBX Driverack for 4-way Stereo System
1 Ashly Protea 4.24G – 4 chan. graphic EQ
1 Ashly Protea 2.24GS – 2 chan. graphic EQ
1 Ashly Protea 4.24RD – Graphic EQ Remote Control
2 QSC PLD 4.2 for high freq drivers
2 QSC PLD 4.3 for mid freq drivers
2 QSC PLD 4.5 for low freq drivers
1 Crest CA 18 for EAW 600 subs
1 L’Acoustic LA4x for L’Acoustic subs
6 EAW KF650ie Full range speakers
4 EAW KF600 Sub speakers
4 L’Acoustic SB18i Sub speakers
2 EAW JF 80 Front Fills
5 EAW JF 60 Under Balcony Delays
4 EAW JF 60 speakers for stage lip fill
and image enhancement
2 QSC PL2402 Stereo Power Amps for Delays
2 Crest CA 9 Stereo Power Amps for Front Fills

Stage Monitor System (Available upon request)
Monitor Mixing Console: Avid Venue Profile
48 Patchable Input Channels
16 Patchable Output Channels

Support Equipment:
1 Radial Engineering 48 channel 3 way microphone split DSL for monitor rig
3 Klark-Teknik DN 360 Sereo Graphic EQ
1 Klark-Teknik DN 300 Graphic EQ
3 BSS Stereo Graphic EQ
12 L’Acoustic 12xt Coaxial Stage Monitors
3 L’Acoustic LA4X for Monitors
2 Mackie SRM-450 Self-powered monitors
6 Mackie SRM-150 Self-powered Hot Spot Monitors

House & Page Monitor:
Audio monitor to all dressing rooms, greenroom, control areas, production areas and lobby.
Page capability to backstage areas and/or lobby

Production Line[I-com]
Clear-com 2 channel system
29 locations including all key control areas
Headsets: Assorted Handsets, Beltpacks, headsets and 2 Call light boxes

Microphone/Tie Lines
40 mic lines to stage[24 DSL and 16 USC] A inputs on Series 5, split to SL for monitors.
32 mic lines to orchestra pit-B inputs on Series 5
5 mic lines to fly floors
10 mic lines to catwalks
8 mic lines to box seats
31 mic lines to various house locations
2 mic lines to lobby
48 tie lines from main control to upstage wall next to cable conduits to dock

Microphone Inventory:
2 ATM 4033
6 AKG C-452/CK-1
1 AKG C-451/CK-1
3 AKG CK-8
6 AKG -10db Pads
2 AKG C-414 EB
1 AKG D-112
1 Beyer Dynamic M-88 TG
1 Earthworks SRO Test Microphone
2 Neumann KM 184
4 Senn 604
2 Senn 609
1 Senn MKE II-3
2 Senn MD 421
1 Senn MD 431
1 Shure SM 10A Headset mic
1 Shure Beta 52
3 Shure Beta 58
1 Shure Beta 91
3 Shure Beta 98
6 Shure KSM 9
2 Shure KSM 137
7 Shure SM 57
8 Shure SM 58
5 Shure SM 85
2 Shure SM 86
2 Shure KSM 9 wireless mic capsules
4 Shure ULXD2/SM 58 wireless mic
4 Shure ULXD1 Body packs
3 PCC-160
8 BSS Ar-133 DI
4 Radial J48 Di
4 Radial JDi
4 Whirlwind IMP DI-passive

1 16 channel mic snake/stage box 100′
1 Rane Electronic 2 way crossover
5 JBL 4612OK wideband fill speakers
1 ULXD4Q Quad Wireless Receiver

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